Johnny K
Johnny KMember
Jonny started CrossFit in January of 2014. The picture above shows his 10 pounds of weight loss in just 24 days of CrossFit while being on our 24 day challenge.
Eddy was ready to lose weight and lose weight fast.  After CrossFitting for a month at two days a week he upped it to four days a week and ate very strict on the 24 day challenge.  The end result was 22 pounds lost in 24 days!
Christina M.
Christina M.Member
Chrisitna was always in really good shape.  However, a very busy job after college resulting in Christina gaining about 20 pounds. Christina used CrossFit and our 24 day challenge to lose all that weight and even more. She is currently concentrating on becoming a better athlete and gaining some muscle weight!




Matt started CrossFit in the beginning of 2013.  He was instantly addicted even though he disappeared for a month during his honeymoon. When he came back he competed in the 2013 open and surprised everyone when he kept up with some seasoned athletes.  He changed his diet to eat much cleaner and trained even harder. The results can be seen in the pictures and in the fact that Matt is now a top athlete in the southeast region!



I started crossfit like seriously 1st of May 2013.

Since then I lost about 35 lbs. my waist line was from 36 and now to 31-32. Shirt size from L-XL to S-M.

But the best thing I really gained from cf was restoring my health back. At time I started CF I was taking 2 blood pressure medications and cholesterol pills due to the fact that my BP was 180/100 without meds, 160/90 with meds. My internist told me I have to take my meds FOR LIFE which was totally devastating! Currently my BP runs between 105-110/60-70 and without meds. Am not taking cholesterol pills either, it is within normal range on my last check up about 3 weeks ago.

The thing I love the most about CF is I’m getting to know what I can do and most capable off. It has really opened a door of opportunity for me to get to know myself a little bit better and witness not only the physical aspect of growth but mental and psychological as well. It is a very smart approach to fitness and development, where you are really bound to dig deep and pull out the best in you every WOD knowing that you are competing not against others but yourself.

I have NEVER worked out so hard in my life since I’d been doing CF. After all the bumps, bruises, soreness, pain and injuries I can definitely say: IT IS ALL WORTH IT and I WILL DO IT AGAIN…. And AGAIN! 


This picture of Julie is right before she started CrossFit. With three kids she was much bigger after her third pregnancy but was able to lose most of the weight on here own.  With CrossFit, a proper diet, and a couple 24 day challenges you can see the results Julie was able to achieve. Beside looking amazing Julie is also one of the top female athletes!  


Wow! What a difference! Angela was able to shed some pounds before she joined CrossFit but ever since joining CrossFit Pompano Beach  Angela has changed so much.  Beside just looking fit, Angela is an excellent runner a strong weightlifter (310 dead-lift) and continues to improve on her gymnastic skills every week. She recently competed in her first competition which only inspired to try and keep getting better and better.  Keep it up Angela!


Luiza before and after CrossFit.