All right guys….

The CrossFit open is now upon us! We wanted to give you a rundown of how we will be organizing it this year at the Sandbox. A new rule stipulates that we must have a video recording of all the top times at the gym in case we qualify for regionals so we are going to do things slightly different this year.

Before we go over the logistics, we wanted to take a moment to stress that the open is for everyone at the gym, not just people who hope to make it to regionals. 5 weeks of competing in the open will teach you a tremendous amount about the sport of CrossFit and your potential. Each member will get 1 on 1 with a certified coach each week. That coach will give you pointers and efficiency tips and help you to push yourself harder than you ever have before. The result will be that you will be a more efficient athlete and you will learn what your body is capable of. You will have 5 benchmark scores to gauge how much you are progressing with CrossFit over time. You will be able to see how you compare with 150,000 other athletes. You probably won’t be anywhere near the top and you may even be somewhere near the bottom, but you will be able to compare your strengths and weaknesses versus other athletes from all over the world.

We expect every member to sign up at the Sandbox. It is only $20 and is worth every penny for you. We do not make a dime off of this but a lot of coaches donate their time to make this happen because they know how beneficial it is to you guys!

The two excuse we tend to hear a lot that won’t work:
“I am going to be out of town one weekend.” It costs $20. If you miss one weekend that’s 4 dollars. You’ll be fine..

“I am not in shape, or I am too new.”
Doesn’t matter. Most of the workouts start out light enough. Do the workouts that you are capable of. You will be competing against people who are 9 months pregnant, have broken or no legs, arms, etc. The oldest competitors are in their 80’s. You are not doing this to be the fittest man or woman on earth. You are doing this so you can learn about you as an athlete and what you are capable of. You are 1 on 1 with a coach who will watch you warm up and if they do not think you are ready for a particular workout they will not make you do it. If that happens, then be ready for the workout the next week.

So, that being said, here is the schedule….


On Thursday nights we will have the CrossFit Open Workout Announcement viewing party at 8:00pm. We will have the live streaming of the workout announcement playing on the monitor and broadcast over the speakers. We generally get 20 – 30 people in attendance for these and 1 or 2 brave souls usually give the workout a shot that opening night. These announcement parties tend to get bigger each week as newer members start to get more excited about the announcements each week.


Whether you are signed up for the open or not, you will be doing the Open workouts. If you are not signed up, you will do the open workout during the class as usual. Nothing will change. If you are signed up for the open you will do the open during the class but will be working with a coach 1 on 1. This will be for all the classes on Friday. After all the members go, some of the coaches might go Friday night at 7:00 to be videotaped. So stick around and cheer on your coaches as they lay it all on the line.


There will be regular classes on Saturday at 8:30 and 9:30. At 10:30 more coaches will be competing in a taped session. Stick around after the workout if you can to watch!


During open gym members can complete their open workouts and some coaches will probably be going as well. You are only allowed to complete each workout once as we have a limited number of coaches who donate their time for the 5 weeks.

We are looking forward to a fun five weeks with you guys! Now go sign up!