Registration is now available for the 2014 CrossFit Games Open!

What is the open?
The open is a 5 week competition of sorts that takes place at your local affiliate (At The Sandbox). The main purpose of the open is to qualify athletes and teams for regionals. There are 17 CrossFit regions around the world and the top 60 athletes from each region are invited to compete. The top 3 people at each regional event are invited to compete in the CrossFit Games in California for a chance to win $250,000. Additionally, the open qualifies the top 30 teams in each region as well. Last year 140,000 people of much different abilities registered for the open!

Who should register?
The main purpose of the open is to qualify competitors for regionals. However, what we have found over the years is that the open is one of the most rewarding things our members take part in throughout the year. The community aspect of CrossFit is just as important as the fitness aspect for most CrossFitters. At CrossFit Hardcore we expect 100% of our members to sign up for the open. Once a week you will get together with everyone else from the Sandbox and you will cheer for them as they compete and they will cheer for you as you compete. It is not about whether you get the best score. It is about you giving 100% and leaving it all on the table. Even if you have been doing CrossFit for only two months, the open could be for you.

What workouts should I expect?
The workouts usually start out very light so that even if it is your first week of CrossFit you can still take part. The workouts tend to have stages that get progressively harder to help rank people according to their fitness level.

When is it?
Every Thursday starting February 27, an Open workout is posted. The workouts are released on Thursday night and you have until Monday night to submit your score. We like to get everyone together on Friday night or Saturday morning to have a lot of people cheering but we will do our best to get you a coach to judge you on the day you are available.

What are some other benefits?
The open tests many different aspects of your fitness. It gives you a ranking for each wod and an overall ranking. You will learn more about your abilities in 5 weeks than you will the rest of the year. Your weaknesses will come to light and you will find some strengths you never knew you had. You will probably find yourself looking up efficiency tips to do the wods better and you will come out the open a much smarter athlete. Additionally, you will have a ranking that you can aim to improve next year. Did you finish in 10,000th place this year? Try to get in the top 5,000 by next year!

How much?
It is actually very cheap. Only $20 and you get a computerized ranking each week and hours and hours of fun and hard work. It is worth every penny!

How do I sign up?:

1) Go to: