FAQ Page

Who owns CrossFit HardCore Pompano Beach?

Adriana Grassi.

I am in really bad shape! Can I still do CrossFit?

Yes!  Of Course.  Every movement we do at CrossFit has a modification for people who are new. When you start you will most likely be given a PVC pipe instead of a bar.  You might jump up onto a 6 inch plate instead of a box. Every class an instructor who will work with all the new members to help them learn the CrossFit movements.  Once you learn the movements we will gradually increase the weight or difficulty of the movement until you can do full CrossFit workouts.  That is part of what makes CrossFit so fun! You will constantly be striving to get better at so many different things that challenge you.

What is your Drop-in Policy?

We love having visitors from other boxes.  We generally charge a $20 drop in fee but buy a shirt and that will be fine! Want to stay for a week?  We charge $50 for that.  Just get here about 15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork and meet the coach!

Do I have to sign a Contract?

No!  You only pay for CrossFit Pompano Beach if you use it!  Our memberships are month to month.  If you want to cancel your membership just give us two weeks notice.

Do you offer advanced CrossFit Training?

Yes we do.  We have an Athletes in Training  (AIT) program that is more advanced and has a stronger emphasis and powerlifting, Olympic lifting and CrossFit skills. Our members and coaches are very active in local competitions and we have much success.  Talk to a coach or send us a message for more information.

Can Kids do CrossFit?

Yes. We have a CrossFit kids class twice a week. Kids of all ages can participate.  See our website for more details.