Project Description

Kevin Sebastian is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer under the American Counsel of Exercise. Sports and fitness have been a mainstay, source of discipline, and overall lifestyle for Kevin that started from a very young age. He has been a player and advocate of both team and individual sports and competed at the highest levels in each of those regimes. His sports background is diverse and impressive. He was a selected all-state hockey, tennis and baseball player throughout his high school days. In his collegiate years, Kevin was a member of his NCAA decorated varsity rowing team, winning multiple State, Regional, and National Championships. After college, needing an outlet to compete, Kevin raced mountain bikes and ran in the short to medium distance running race circuit. Today, Kevin remains active by playing a variety of sports where his skill sets can be continually utilized and challenged.

Although sports and fitness play a pivotal role in Kevin’s life, he is equally passionate about aviation. He started flying airplanes at the age of 15 and had his first pilot’s license at age 16. He continued to pursue his education at the Florida Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management and Flight Technology. Hired by American Airlines as a pilot in 1998, Kevin moved to South Florida where he now calls home. Kevin is an experienced Certified flight and ground instructor and today still enjoys teaching flying at the local airports.

Over the years, Kevin had been weight training and teaching in the global gym scene, but like so many others, he desired more. In 2011, Kevin was introduced to the CrossFit methodology as an alternative form of training however it was not until 2012, he walked away from the traditional gyms and became a part of the CrossFit Hardcore family. Kevin adapted well to the format and CrossFit has now become the driving factor in his own personal fitness program. Kevin truly believes in the CrossFit equation, not only for the effective type of physical training, but he finds great intrigue and virtue with the people that make up and drive the community.

His passion for teaching and instruction has parlayed well into his desire to become a CrossFit coach. His goal is to share his wealth of knowledge in health, fitness, wellness and training both in and out of the gym. He truly enjoys educating others through creative yet effective methods. It is very transparent whether working with Kevin alone or in a group setting, he provides a special motivation for those around him to achieve their maximum potential. His positive attitude and ability to connect with so many different personalities allows him to help people of all ages and abilities progress to leading a healthier, more optimum lifestyle.

Kevin promotes a strong, defined balance in all aspects of life. This translates to family, relationships, career, diet, and training programs, just to mention a few. He is confident that by being realistic about your life goals and objectives, with handwork, persistence, and dedication, one can meet, achieve and even exceed their own personal expectations.