Project Description

Julie “Charm” Marshall has always been active, participating in team sports throughout high school and playing softball in college.  Running became her main form of exercise following the birth of her 3 children.  When her husband started CrossFit in 2012, he nagged her about trying it and it wasn’t until a foot injury kept her from running that she finally gave in.  She decided she would go three times a week for 3 months.  Those 3 days quickly turned into 5 and before she knew it she was hooked!   

I have always enjoyed exercising but hated going to the gym.  The energy in a CrossFit class and at The Sandbox in particular is incomparable.  Every day I was finding new ways to challenge myself and as I watched people around me achieving goals they’d set for themselves, I knew it was something I had to do too.  CrossFit has given me more self-confidence and satisfied that competitive drive that I was missing since being away from softball.

Best CrossFit Moment: I have had so many “best” CrossFit moments.  I was so excited when I got my kipping pull-ups and shortly after I did Fran for the first time Rx.  Every time I accomplish something that I was working towards is a great moment.

Favorite Wod: My favorite wod’s are chippers or partner wods.  I love to work with other people or as part of a team.

Least Favorite Wod: My least favorite type of wod is one with a descending and then ascending rep scheme.

Cheat Meal: My favorite cheat meal would have to be pizza and of course finish it off with plate of cookies!