Project Description

Todd Howell was born & raised in St Louis where a passion for health & fitness began at a young age. He competed in just about all sports growing up-football, baseball, basketball, weightlifting, golf, soccer, wrestling, track & field, snowboarding, & rugby in college. He also developed a passion for aviation at a very young age & was fortunate enough to have his father teach him how to fly. He gave Todd his first flying lesson at the age of 10 & Todd never looked back. Todd  moved to South Florida in early 2000 to fly for a family & has since moved on to become the Chief Pilot for Jack Nicklaus. In his spare time Todd remains active & still enjoys competing. He was introduced to Gabby & Frank at The Sandbox by  mutual friend Tommie, aka Sandbag, who had been coaching Todd & some friends in Crossfit style workouts for a couple years at the gym & beach. He was introduced to a new way of challenging himself at CFHC The Sandbox & was instantly hooked.

What does Crossfit mean to me? Crossfit is about community & it shows in the family that’s been built at The Sandbox. It’s also about challenging yourself to be stronger not only physically but mentally & learning what you are capable of.

Best Crossfit moment? Hard to pick one, but can’t go wrong with competing with friends in a competition.

Favorite WOD? Linda

Least fav WOD? Karen

Favorite cheat meal? Mexican & ice cream